Tuesday’s Terrible Translations

This week we have noticed that beverage companies have seriously struggled to translate their products and slogans. Here’s a handful of translation faux pas that made us chuckle.


Bacardi spent huge amounts of money launching its new spin off drink across Europe, to a young and funky crowd. They called it Pavian. Unfortunately, they didn’t realise that Pavian means baboon in German. Hardly a lifestyle choice.









When Coca-Cola decided to enter the Chinese market, they had their famous brand name rendered in Chinese characters. Regrettably, it came out as bite the wax tadpole or female horse stuffed with wax, depending on the dialect of Chinese used.









Pepsi Cola

Pepsi had a similar experience in the Chinese market. Where they tried to translate their successful slogan Pepsi gives you zest for life. Sadly, it went a little wrong and came out as Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave. Not really the message they were hoping for!









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