Tuesday’s Terrible Translations

Another way to highlight the poor quality of free online translators is to translate your text into multiple languages, one after the other.

For example, from English to French, to Spanish and back to English. If a professional translated a sentence, the meaning would be conveyed in the translation. So, in theory you could ask professional translators to translate a text back and forth infinitely without losing the meaning. Not that you would ever do that!

So if we translate “Hello, are you busy tonight?”flags

From English to Japanese… ねえ、あなたは今夜忙しいですか?

Then to Spanish…Hola, usted está ocupado esta noche?

Then into Chinese… 你好,你今晚忙吗?

Then Italian… Ciao, stasera impegnato?

And then into French… Bonjour, ce soir, occupé?

Then back to Japanese… :こんにちは、今夜は、忙しい?

And finally, back to English, we get… Hello, tonight, busy?

If you only understand English, you can see that the meaning has changed from Hello, are you busy tonight to Hello, tonight, busy? The sentence no longer flows and doesn’t sound fluent. If you understand any of the other languages that we used in between, this highlights that a free online translator is not of high quality. If you are thinking of having some text translated, but are worried about the costs involved. Head to www.livetranslation.com where you will find over 1500 affordable, professional translators online now!


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