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Tuesday’s Terrible Translations

This week in Tuesday’s Terrible Translations we bring you movie titles. You would think that translating only a few words would not provide much of a challenge to professional translators, however there is a scary amount of proof that shows otherwise. A movie title is painstakingly selected. Some are cryptic, others a summary of events, and some give you a taste of what the movie is about. It doesn’t matter if the title is one word or 10, they are all equally challenging.

Have a browse of our favourites this week; some translations are arguably better than the originals!

1. Grease
Argentina: Vaseline







2. The Parent Trap
Germany: A Twin Seldom Comes Alone

parent trap





3. The Dark Knight
Spain: Night of The Knight

dark knight






4. Knocked Up
Peru: Slightly Pregnant







5. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Israel: It’s Raining Falafel
Turkey: Raining Kofte






If you have come across any other interesting translations we would love to hear them. Click here to send a message to the Live Translation team.