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I Love You… The Top 5 Languages of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

 Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated all around the world. In South Korea women give chocolate to men on February 14th, in Finland you remember your friends as well as your loved ones, and in Italy a common gift is a small, chocolate-covered hazelnut that conceals a romantic message.

To get you in the mood for cupid’s arrival, over the past few weeks we have been Tweeting I love you in various languages.

Here’s how to say  I love you in our top 5 languages of love.

persian cat



1. Perfectly Persian - من شما را دوست دارم pronounced Tora dost daram 


swedish heart



2. Seductively Swedish - jag älskar dig




3. Lovingly Latvian - Es Tevi milu 





4. Tantalizingly Turkish - Seni seviyorum





5.Romanticly Russian - Я тебя люблю pronounced Ya tebyA lyublyU


Whether it’s for that special occasion or you’re just feeling romantic, here at Live Translation, we will help you get the message across to that special person.