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Don’t Let It Slip – 5 Tips For Retaining Your Language Skills

  1. Read

cosmoYou retain information the best when the subject matter interests you. Whether gossip magazines or historical fiction is your thing, it is beneficial to read whatever stimulates your brain! If your language skills are a bit rusty, start with stories that you recognise. If you are looking for more of a challenge, go for something outside of your comfort zone to improve your vocabulary.

  1. Watch

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Films are also a great way to absorb information. You will find that you are exposed to many colloquialisms, and it shows you how people actually interact in the language in real life. It will be notably harder to watch the film without subtitles, but they are always there for back up if you haven’t understood.


  1. Listen

los40Foreign radio stations are one of our favourite resources. The banter is often very enjoyable and there is no safety net of subtitles! Due to the nature of radio, it is pretty repetitive which lends itself very well to language learning. Studies show that a high number of repetitions are needed before something truly imprints itself in your brain. On top of all this, it is enjoyable to keep up to date with the latest news and music from the country you are interested in.


  1. Talk

Internet chattingAs we all know, practise makes perfect and languages are no exception to that rule. If you can’t find a language club in your local area, or even online; just talk to yourself! Try and talk your way through getting ready in the morning or cooking your evening meal; you will soon come across words that you don’t know!


  1. Travel

Perhaps the most enjoyable way to learn a language is to go to that country globe airplane 2and immerse yourself in it. This could be a weekend away, a family holiday or an intense language course. Human interaction is essential for perfecting your language skills, so this is not the time to be shy. Make the most of any opportunity to speak to natives and put in to practice what you have worked so hard to learn.


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