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Terrible Translations

Tuesday’s Terrible Translations

A comical blunder on this Starbucks sign.

Unfortunately “éxito” actually means “success” in Spanish.

Success here?! I am surprised this queue isn’t longer!

Terrible Translations 2

This notice on a ceramic dish indicates that it should be washed by hand.

“Handwashing recommended”

However the French translation “Il est conseillé de se laver les mains”  is suggesting that the user washes their own hands rather than washing the dish by hand!

Oh well, it could be worse…

Terrible Translations 3








US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton famously gave a reset button to her Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov. It was supposed to symbolise the resetting of their relationship.

Quite a nifty idea, if the translation had been accurate!

Unfortunately her team chose the wrong word, the term they chose “peregruzka” actually means “overcharged” rather than reset!

As you can imagine, it didn’t go down well. I hope some staff members were reset after this blunder.