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Yorkshire businesses have massive growth potential in China

The phenomenal growth of the Chinese market continues to amaze the global business community. Most companies who trade internationally know they should get a piece of the action if they can, but the first difficulty is knowing where to start.

There is particular potential for several key sectors:

Food safety – After several highly publicised food quality failures, from tainted milk to expired meat, many Chinese people are focused on the quality of their food. Forbes says “while the quantity and quality of China’s food supply is one of the country’s most pressing problems, it also presents one of the biggest profit-making opportunities for companies and investors alike.”

Healthcare - An ageing population is raising new issues. Medicines, medical equipment, and any products designed to help the elderly stand a chance in the Chinese market.

Retail - A wealthier population has led to an increased demand for luxury goods. Companies willing to invest in a localised eCommerce system will benefit more than companies who don’t make any effort.

IT & Telecoms – There are more mobile phones in use in China than in any other single country. Statista, in October 2014, found that China had over 1.2 billion mobile phones. Compare that to 327 million in the US, and you can see how massive the Chinese market is.

China is not in need of customers, but in need of technology & services to meet consumer demands. Yorkshire has strong food safety, healthcare, retail and IT sectors, so by reaching out to China, Yorkshire-based businesses have massive growth potential.

Lost in translation: untranslatable words across languages

To translate between two languages, it is not enough for a translator to simply be bilingual; they also need to understand the best ways to communicate an equivalent message from the source language into the target language. One common equivalence problem is the existence of ‘untranslatable’ words- words in one language which cannot be translated with an equivalent word in another, but rather require a longer explanation. Here are some of our favourites:

Backpfeifengesicht (German) – a person with a face that you’d like to punch.


Friolero (Spanish) – a person who is always cold.

Jayus (Indonesian) – a joke that is so bad, it’s actually good.

Schnapsidee (German) – a (often somewhat misguided) plan thought up whilst drunk.


Yaourter (French) – to improvise a song when you don’t know the words.

Kyoikumama (Japanese) – a mother who pushes her child to do well at school


Menefreghista (Italian) – a person who is indifferent.


Kummerspeck (German) – literally translated as ‘grief bacon’. To gain weight because of comfort eating.

sad pig

Got some language-specific terms in one of your own texts? Why not get in touch with the Live Translations team to see how we can help you get your message across clearly.

Excellent feefo ratings

We are so proud of our feefo ratings!



Service Ratings: 90% positive

Product Ratings: 90% positive



Our ratings date back more than 3 years, and we have many comments from happy customers.

Thank you to all of our customers who have taken the time to rate us – your feedback helps us to deliver speedy professional translation!

Tuesday’s Terrible Translations

Today in Tuesday’s Terrible Translations we are going to focus on menu problems. If it isn’t clear what is on offer do you think it puts people off, or actually encourages the adventurous to try something different? Have a look at these amusing examples and see what you think!

1. Husband

What has a sponge-like texture and is best served roasted? Husband of course.










2. Mixed sea food Iraq government office surface

We were already smiling when we got to “The butter pastes the cake” but this is a whole other level of wrong. If you order this you are ultimately playing food roulette!









3. Peppers with beautiful

Pimientos con bonito are in fact peppers stuffed with Cantabrian white tuna. But, peppers with beautiful pretty much sums it up.










And we had to include this one because it brought a smile to our faces.












Well… it sounds right!

If you have seen other questionable menus we would love to hear from you. Click here to send a message.

Don’t Let It Slip – 5 Tips For Retaining Your Language Skills

  1. Read

cosmoYou retain information the best when the subject matter interests you. Whether gossip magazines or historical fiction is your thing, it is beneficial to read whatever stimulates your brain! If your language skills are a bit rusty, start with stories that you recognise. If you are looking for more of a challenge, go for something outside of your comfort zone to improve your vocabulary.

  1. Watch

pans lab


Films are also a great way to absorb information. You will find that you are exposed to many colloquialisms, and it shows you how people actually interact in the language in real life. It will be notably harder to watch the film without subtitles, but they are always there for back up if you haven’t understood.


  1. Listen

los40Foreign radio stations are one of our favourite resources. The banter is often very enjoyable and there is no safety net of subtitles! Due to the nature of radio, it is pretty repetitive which lends itself very well to language learning. Studies show that a high number of repetitions are needed before something truly imprints itself in your brain. On top of all this, it is enjoyable to keep up to date with the latest news and music from the country you are interested in.


  1. Talk

Internet chattingAs we all know, practise makes perfect and languages are no exception to that rule. If you can’t find a language club in your local area, or even online; just talk to yourself! Try and talk your way through getting ready in the morning or cooking your evening meal; you will soon come across words that you don’t know!


  1. Travel

Perhaps the most enjoyable way to learn a language is to go to that country globe airplane 2and immerse yourself in it. This could be a weekend away, a family holiday or an intense language course. Human interaction is essential for perfecting your language skills, so this is not the time to be shy. Make the most of any opportunity to speak to natives and put in to practice what you have worked so hard to learn.


If languages aren’t your thing or you would like your translation to be checked by a professional, the team at will be happy to help.

Tuesday’s Terrible Translations

This week in Tuesday’s Terrible Translations we bring you movie titles. You would think that translating only a few words would not provide much of a challenge to professional translators, however there is a scary amount of proof that shows otherwise. A movie title is painstakingly selected. Some are cryptic, others a summary of events, and some give you a taste of what the movie is about. It doesn’t matter if the title is one word or 10, they are all equally challenging.

Have a browse of our favourites this week; some translations are arguably better than the originals!

1. Grease
Argentina: Vaseline







2. The Parent Trap
Germany: A Twin Seldom Comes Alone

parent trap





3. The Dark Knight
Spain: Night of The Knight

dark knight






4. Knocked Up
Peru: Slightly Pregnant







5. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Israel: It’s Raining Falafel
Turkey: Raining Kofte






If you have come across any other interesting translations we would love to hear them. Click here to send a message to the Live Translation team.

Tuesday’s Terrible Translations

This week we have noticed that beverage companies have seriously struggled to translate their products and slogans. Here’s a handful of translation faux pas that made us chuckle.


Bacardi spent huge amounts of money launching its new spin off drink across Europe, to a young and funky crowd. They called it Pavian. Unfortunately, they didn’t realise that Pavian means baboon in German. Hardly a lifestyle choice.









When Coca-Cola decided to enter the Chinese market, they had their famous brand name rendered in Chinese characters. Regrettably, it came out as bite the wax tadpole or female horse stuffed with wax, depending on the dialect of Chinese used.









Pepsi Cola

Pepsi had a similar experience in the Chinese market. Where they tried to translate their successful slogan Pepsi gives you zest for life. Sadly, it went a little wrong and came out as Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave. Not really the message they were hoping for!









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Tuesday’s Terrible Translations

Another way to highlight the poor quality of free online translators is to translate your text into multiple languages, one after the other.

For example, from English to French, to Spanish and back to English. If a professional translated a sentence, the meaning would be conveyed in the translation. So, in theory you could ask professional translators to translate a text back and forth infinitely without losing the meaning. Not that you would ever do that!

So if we translate “Hello, are you busy tonight?”flags

From English to Japanese… ねえ、あなたは今夜忙しいですか?

Then to Spanish…Hola, usted está ocupado esta noche?

Then into Chinese… 你好,你今晚忙吗?

Then Italian… Ciao, stasera impegnato?

And then into French… Bonjour, ce soir, occupé?

Then back to Japanese… :こんにちは、今夜は、忙しい?

And finally, back to English, we get… Hello, tonight, busy?

If you only understand English, you can see that the meaning has changed from Hello, are you busy tonight to Hello, tonight, busy? The sentence no longer flows and doesn’t sound fluent. If you understand any of the other languages that we used in between, this highlights that a free online translator is not of high quality. If you are thinking of having some text translated, but are worried about the costs involved. Head to where you will find over 1500 affordable, professional translators online now!


Tuesday’s Terrible Translations

A good translation will clearly convey your message in another language. It should be of the same tone and level of formality whilst still being appropriate for the target language. A terrible translation can mean many things; the message can be incomprehensible, the message can be lost, or the translation can be of poor quality.

You will know from reading the menu at a local takeaway that the translation can come across as if something isn’t quite right, but you still understand what is on offer.

chinese menu

Any written correspondence translated without expertise, can lead to similar results. Here are some of the terrible translations we found this week.

  • In a Turkish to English translation for a clothing advertisement:

“We are this garment with complete satisfaction, for it’s made the NBA to give complete ovality.”

So, yes we understand that they want you to be satisfied. Just. But do we really want to buy an article of clothing that will make us look oval? We’ll pass on that one.

  • In a Spanish to English translation on a food vendor’s sign: “scum” flavoured ice cream was advertised.

Now, for the adventurous type who always choose the item on the menu that they have never had before (or never heard of!) this could be a winner. For the other 99% of society, it is a certain no-no.

scum ice cream

  • In a German to English translation on a clothing care tag: “Washing from left side.”

Hmm, this had me for a moment. Should we be washing this item inside out perhaps? If you have any other suggestions we would love to hear them. Click here to send a message to the Live Translation team.

Long distance love – It knows no bounds.

Millions of people all over the world are in long distance relationships. Statistics show that over 15 million international lovepeople in the USA alone consider themselves to be in a long distance relationship. This proves that it can and does work for many people.

So what are the benefits of long distance relationships? Surely the distance can be used as an advantage at times? Here are the top 3 reasons why long distance love can make for a successful relationship.


When you don’t see each other often, communication is imperative. It shows you are thinking about the other person, and it makes you feel physically closer. The plethora of options available to us in the 21st century is mind boggling; email, Skype and WhatsApp are just some of the free services that enable us to keep in touch with loved ones. Being in a long distance relationship ultimately improves your communication skills and you learn to replace quantity, with quality.

When you spend a lot of time together, sometimes you can just say what you are thinking without applying any kind of filter. If something comes in to your mind, it is really hard not to say it out loud and these unconsidered words can often be the source of arguments. One gift that distance gives you is time; it seems infinitely more acceptable to pause on the telephone than it does in a face-to-face conversation. Taking a moment to reword your thoughts in to something considered and constructive will certainly help avoid conflict.


Long distance relationships provide both of you with a large amount of freedom. You can see friends in the evenings, spend weekends with your family and you can really enjoy life in the way a single person might. You don’t feel bad for staying out late and your other half doesn’t make you feel bad for enjoying yourself. Just ensure you make time to communicate. To have a successful long distance relationship you need to find a way to lead separate lives, yet still stay optimistic about each other and your future.

Quality Time


On average, long distance lovers live 125 miles apart, and see each other twice a month. This is sure to vary from couple to couple as the reasons for being apart are infinite but it illustrates that once again, quality is more important than quantity. You tend to plan your time together to ensure maximum enjoyment, making dinner reservations and planning activities that you know the other will like.

There is actually no evidence to suggest that long distance relationships are more likely to fail than any other relationship so why not give one a go. For help communicating across borders or seas, visit to see the range of translation services available.